Our vision

At A’s Smart Home Solutions we collectively work with the best installers and brands to change & elevate your space to the next level.

A’s Smart Design Integrated Home





Audio & Music

We use high quality speakers to give you the ultimate sound experience from Architectural in-ceiling speakers and in wall speakers as well as Hi-Resolution audio systems to Wireless Home Sound Systems that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV. Stream your favorite services like Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and more. You can play a variety of music throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Play you favorite music or sync a single song and hear the magic of distributed Home Audio.

Media Rooms

From the latest 4K TV’s to Home Cinema, you can enjoy limitless entertainment and control it all from one simple remote or touch screen-right at your fingertips to provide you an incredible entertainment experience.

Automation & Control

Control every aspect of your house from wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen, remote or keypad. Control your Thermostat, Lighting and Smart home devices, with easy-to-use interfaces that ensures that controlling your home will be effortless, despite the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.

Network & Security

Communicate with all your entry points from anywhere in the world. From front doors to side doors, garages, gates, and everything in between, Control 4 Entry provides security you can see. Night vision allows you to monitor your door if movement is detected — an added layer of security so you and your family can sleep better at night.

Lighting Control

Whether you are at home or at work, Our Lighting solutions provide convenient access to light control, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day. And saving energy.

Outdoor living

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